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Please take your time here and look around. We are an up and coming Guild, strong and caring. We are willing to help. We like to group for guild runs and laugh and joke around we are here to have fun and fun is what brought most of us here. Its an escape from those troubles of every day life. To be free of the MAN. so to speak. We are looking for mature players that like to have fun. If this is you please apply for the guild and whisper any of member for a invite. If you have Ventrilo we welcome you to our ventrilo server. If your not a member and you misuse this server we will ban you from the server. "RAIDS" If your going to start raiding, some helpful addons are needed. These all can be found at

Hostname IP: texas3.ventriloservers.biz
Port Number: 3865
Pass Word:  Raid
Or you may use IP:





Deadly Boss Mode

A must Have is DBM deadly boss mod. This addon is not a option to have but a must as some of our members have found out. So please before getting into raids get this addon.


Rules to raid:

1. For raid times and dates check the Calendar, its based on first come first serve.

2. If you sign up and are 15 minutes late you will be replaced. Sorry but this has to be followed. Only thing we can suggest is that you notify someone like the raid leader that you will be running late and see if he/she can see if the raid is willing to wait.

3. Loot Rolls are NEED for Starting Spec, and GREED for off Spec. If you are asked to change spec for a boss fight you may be allowed to Roll need for your off spec. (Be sure to ask)

4. BOE Loot if you need roll on this you have to equip the item right then. The only eception is if no one needs it then raid leader takes it and puts in guild bank or raid may vote to roll on shard or item, which ever is worth more.

5. Complaining, Whining, Poor commments, blaming others for whipes, or just saying derogatory statements not allowed, you will just be asked to leave the raid and will not be asked back or we will just kick you form the raid> Remember this is a game not real life, its not life or death here so have fun dont be a ass, bitch or what ever you want to call it and ruin the run for everyone.

6. We know we get a time crunch now and then and we all would like to get the raid done as soon as possible, but pushing ppl to hurry up causes tention and that is when people make mistakes. Breaks are needed. So sit back enjoy the atmosphere, if the raid is going slow or needs to have the speed increased, the raid leader will do this and that dont mean whisper him/her to get things moving.

7. If you dont care for these rules move on we dont need you we will and always have found people that enjoy playing the game for the game and friendship.



All New members will enter the guild as a NewComer and are required to register here and claim their Chars on the website before they are allowed to move any further up the ranking system and have access to the Guild Bank. Please help keep the bank clean by not putting junk items that most can get without having to come to the bank. Two officer tabs will have items that can be giving out only by an officer on request of the member. We have had a large problem with Bank ninja's we decided to make this change. If your caught taking items you can not use, pulling for another member, selling ect, you will be removed form the guild. If you are asked to pull for another member, have them ask an officer. This is the only warning you will have. Please be sure when you deposit items to put them in their correct tab, Its easy to see what kind of items each tab has. If you are putting grey items or depositing useless items in the Guild Bank over and over again, your access to the bank will be removed.

NewComer : Levels 1 thru 80 any new members on a probation period and/or have not applied to guild and claimed chars.

Initiate : Levels 11 thru 29 with access to TAB (1 2 3 4)

Member : Levels 30 thru 49 with access to TAB (1 2 3 4)

Senior Member : Levels 50 thru 69 with access to TAB (1 2 3 4)

Veteran : Levels 70 thru 80 with access to TAB (1 2 3 4)

Senior Veteran : level 80 with access to TAB (1 2 3 4 5), able to invite members

Officer : Levels 11 thru 80 with access to TAB's (1 2 3 4 5), able to invite and remove members

Raid Leader : Level 80 Officer that knows 1 or more Instances/raids and willing to promote and lead members thru it.

Senior Officer : Levels 11 thru 80 with access to TAB's (1 2 3 4 5 6) able to invite and remove members

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